Anak Ni Paolo Ballesteros, Agaw Eksena Matapos Ang Kanyang Guesting Sa Eat Bulaga, Grabe Napakaganda Niya Artistahin Mana Sa Daddy Niya

The daughter of Paolo Ballesteros attracts the attention of netizens as she visited her father while at work.

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Paolo Ballesteros is one of the most well-known celebrities in the country. He is a great actor, TV host and presenter, brand endorser, and a commercial model. He is famous for his funny antics on TV and his amazing makeup transformation that always becomes a social media trend. At present, he is a host of the longest--running noontime variety show "Eat Bulaga!" in the GMA TV network station.

Recently, some video footage of Paolo's daughter made rounds all over the internet. The videos became a trending topic as people saw how pretty the young girl was.

Although Paolo has been constantly portraying a feminine role, he actually had previous relationships with women. One of these women is Maria Katrina (Kaye) Nevada. Their relationship has brought to the world his daughter Keira.

In the videos that surfaced online, it was seen that Keira visited her father while he was on the set of a segment in "Eat Bulaga!" called: Hype Kang Bata Ka!" which is usually shot on the public streets all over the country. The segment would feature talented children who would head off to a face-off with each other.

In the video, it was seen that Keira was taken to the set of the segment by her mother Kaye. The video showed how much the kid enjoyed her visit to his father who also welcomed her and even asked her to join the camera's frame of sight. There was also a video that showed Keira being asked by Kaye if she enjoyed the trip, to which she reacted positively.

The videos caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about the videos from the shoot with Paolo Ballesteros. A lot of people were amazed at how beautiful her daughter is even at a very young age. Some people think that she has a potential to become a showbiz personality.

The Instagram stories of Keira's visit to his daddy Paolo's work that was featured in a video that was uploaded by the account Pinoy New Channel on the popular video streaming site YouTube made a buzz online as the attention of many people were immediately drawn to the presence of Keira.

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