Paolo Ballesteros and Pokwang's video surprises many people on social media

Paolo Ballesteros and Pokwang's video surprises many people on social media.

A kid is one of the greatest gifts that everyone could ever have. Many people wanted to have a child because they think that every child can make one life happier.  They can make your mood go up whenever you feel so down because of the things that had happened in your day or your life. Many people think that kids can change someone's perspective on the things that they have in mind and how they see things. A child's smile can change how we can see things and how our mood can change within seconds.

Every person wants to have a child in their house because they can play with someone and they can take care of another person and look after them. We love to see kids playing around the house, laughing and giving life to the house and making things better for many of us. A child may be a handful at times, but they are the ones who can give us a better look at stuff. They help us to look at the better side of our life and work hard for their sake. They made us see that things can help us to accept the things that we can't.

Kids have the charisma to make us see that life is not that hard and we can still smile and enjoy life whatever happens to us. They can make us noticed that life has a lot of things to offer for every one of us and things changes for a reason.

There are a lot of us who loves to play around with kids. We want to hear their laugh and how they can enjoy the simple things that we do for them. We do not need to exert too much efforts to make a child smile and laugh they have the purest and genuine joy that we can ever encounter.

Many children had made us see that nothing in this world is purer than their eyes and the laugh they show. They can help us recognize that life is not that cruel because there are still a lot of good things in this world.

A lot of us had watched a lot of videos of kids online. There are some who uses their time to look for clips of kids playing and laughing around to help them have a better mood than they already have. It is one of the most enjoyable things that we people do, and there are celebrity kids that are now an internet sensation.

Just like how the daughter of the phenomenal stars, Pokwang and Lee O'Brien, Malia O'Brien had taken all over social media with her cuteness and her charms. Pokwang had been consistent on sharing videos and pictures of Malia on her Instagram account where we can see that she had been enjoying the things that she does and the people she had been with at home.

Based on the IG post of the actress, it seems like baby Malia is now under the care of the actor and internet sensation, Paolo Ballesteros. Many people know that the two of them are neighbors and Paolo loves Malia as if it is his and he loves to play with her.

In the video that Pokwang uploaded on her Instagram account, many people were in awe of how they had been playing around the house with Malia. They made a video that reenacts a scene from a movie that shows that Malia is leaving their home. Then the next clip shows that she was in front of the gate of Paolo's house.

Many people were amazed and were laughing when they saw the video that the actress has on her account. They can't stop themselves from talking about the clip, and they had been sharing their thoughts and sentiments on YouTube.

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