Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin encounter each other in Mother Lily Monteverde's birthday party

Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin encounter each other in Mother Lily Monteverde's birthday party.

Having a romantic relationship with another person is truly a great experience. To be able to find someone who would celebrate life with you as both of you shares your lives with one another is truly amazing. Life can be very hard, but having a partner who would accompany you on your journey through life can really make one feel a sense of assurance. To have a person with whom you comfortably be yourself with and who would accept you for who you are with all your goodness and flaws without any prejudice at all can really feel good inside.

Romantic relationships may give one a great feeling deep inside them, but in reality, it is not all joy and good things. A relationship between a couple will also go through a lot of imperfections, usually, it comes in the form of issues and problems. These challenges and struggles would definitely test the strength of the relationship between the couple. It may seem to be negative because of the hardships that the couple will go through, but later on, it will prove to be something good for the relationship as it will reveal many realizations to the couple that may have an impact in the relationship.

There are times that all the challenges of the relationship may prove to be very hard to hurdle. In some cases, it would even lead to the breaking apart and separation of the couple as they were not able to successfully overcome their problems and issues together as one. During these times, it can be very hard for the couple who has broken up with each other and to the people around them who have been a part of their story as partners. Some may find it hard to move on as they have gotten used to the love and romance that the two once shared when they were still with each other.

Angel Locsin is one of the premiere actresses in the Philippine show business industry. She is looked up to and respected by many people, because of her great talent in acting, her good looks and charm, and the voluptuous body figure that has earned her the top spot in the top spot of a particular men's magazine feature.

Luis Manzano is one of the past romantic relationships of Angel Locsin. Luis is also a famous personality in the country. He is not only a great actor but also a sought-after game show host, TV presenter, brand endorser and commercial model, and a popular VJ. He is the son of the famous actress Vilma Santos, who is a respected figure in the industry for her stellar acting career in the history of Philippine showbiz, to Edu Manzano who is also a well-known showbiz figure in the country. Angel and Luis shared an intimate relationship with each other until they decided to call it quits some years ago. Since then, the two have already moved on with their respective lives and have both found a new love. Angel is now romantically involved with Neil Arce who is a movie producer, while Luis is publicly in a relationship with Jessie Mendiola who is also a popular showbiz personality.

Recently, a video of Angel having an encounter with Luis' mother, Vilma Santos, in a particular event surfaced online. The video became a trending topic as people watched how the two treated each other.

Mother Lily Monteverde is a famous figure in Philippine showbiz for having established Regal Entertainment which is one of the most competitive production companies in the local showbiz scene. She recently celebrated her 80th birthday and because of her involvement with many celebrities and artists, her celebration became a star-studded one. Among her guests were the Angel Locsin and her boyfriend Neil Arce, and the "Star for All Seasons" herself Vilma Santos.

Almost everyone knows about the connection between Angel and Vilma since Angel got romantically involved with Vilma's son, Luis, in the past. To their surprise, the two still had so much respect and love for one another when they met each other during the birthday party of Mother Lily Monteverde. In the video that circulated on the internet, it was seen that Angel and Vilma exchanged greetings and even asked each other how they are doing. It was also seen that they had some sweet gestures for each other.

The video attracted a lot of reactions and opinions from people. Many people were glad to see that they still shared the love and respect that they had for each other back when Angel and Luis were still in a relationship. They are happy to see that nothing changed in how they treated each other even after everything that happened.

The video of the particular scene in Mother Lily's birthday party that was uploaded on the popular video streaming platform YouTube by the account Pinoy New Channel made a huge buzz online as people anticipated how Angel and Vilma will react to each other upon meeting in the event.

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