Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis's latest video amazes many people on social media

Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis's latest video amazes many people on social media.

Being happy is one of the greatest feelings that we could ever feel in our life. It is not every day that we found something that would make us feel happy about it. There are a lot of things that can happen that we do not know when or how we can make someone smile or laugh about the stuff that we do and the efforts that we do for them. It is not every day that we will get to laugh until we are out of breath and smile from ears to ears because it is laugh worthy.

There are a lot of ways for us to be happy or to laugh and smile. Some of us have their happy pills like places that they love to go, food that can calm them down whenever they feel stress out of life, and the people who they love and can make them feel better. But there are a lot of us who can make other people happy with the things that we do for them. Some of us give them things that they love and want to have for their life, and there are some who will try to make you feel better with the acts that they do for you.

Many people will do some funny acts towards you and will do their best to make you feel better. There are some who even do some pranks towards other people to make fun of them and eventually, they will laugh together at the funny things that they did and had happened.

Most people love to laugh around with their friends, and relatives but most of us want to share our smile and our laugh to the person who is dearest to our hearts, to our partners in life. We want to share every laughing memory with them we want to share the best memories that we can hold on in our life.

Almost every one of us wants to share all our memories with the person who we love. We want them to make them feel that we love them by sharing all the great things that we had gone through in our life. We want to make them feel happy enough to be with us and to lessen all the stress that they have.

There are some of us who do some acts that can make us laugh, and we refer to it as a prank. A prank is a practical joke or a mischievous act that we do to make other people laugh or to make fun of other people in a way that we can also laugh.

Just like how a lot of people on the showbiz industry shares videos that show people their act on making fun of other people. Recently, a video online surfaced where we can see that Erwan Heusaff tried to prank his wife, Anne Curtis as the actress is on an exercise.

Based on a video that Erwan posted on his Instagram account, he positioned his camera at the back of Anne as we can see his face in front of the camera as he moved as if making the people keep quiet and then slowly walk towards Anne until she tried to prank her.

Later on the video, you can see that the prank had gone wrong because the table has turned towards Erwan and Anne already has the upper hand on the video that made a lot of people laugh.

A lot of people had been talking about this video that was on Instagram, and they are sharing their thoughts, and sentiments about this on YouTube which compiled most of the videos of the couple.

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  1. nasa tamang edad narin cla,, kong kaya naman na nilang yumayo sa sariling paa,, pwedi naman na sla mag asawa,, bagay din naman cla,,,,