Billy Crawford, Ibinunyag Ang Tunay Na Dahilan Ng Kanyang Pag-alis Sa Its Showtime, Marami Ang Di Makapaniwala

Kim Atienza's photo together with other former "It's Showtime" hosts attracts the attention of netizens.

Human beings are considered to be the greatest creation to ever exist in the world. This is a known fact because above any other creation, humans are capable of thinking with their brains, and feeling with their heart. Although every living knowing how to interact and build bonds with other living creatures, humans are on a higher level as they know how to build genuine and lasting relationships. People know how to relate to other people and they can socialize. With this, they are able to establish connections with other people that they can consider to be family and friends.

Friends are among the greatest people that have a big effect on an individual's life. Just like the family members, friends also play an important role in building the overall personality of a person. Friends are those who aren't biologically related to a person, but they seem to be one because of the very deep connection that they have with that person. They are some of the most important people in a person's life because of the great role they play and the big impact that they have brought into the life of their friends. They give off the vibe of feeling at home which is loved by practically anyone.

Some of the well-known friendships are those from the show business and entertainment industry. Celebrities are people who are famous for their craft and because of their popularity their lives have been made public. With this situation, even their acquaintances and connections of a celebrity with other people are known by their avid followers and fans. Some celebrities make friends with other celebrities that they get to work on the projects that they do in the span of their career. Some of them go beyond the duration of the projects and remain as friends even when they are done working with one another.

Recently, a post of Kim Atienza has been circulating all over the internet. The post became a trending topic as people saw him and his old friends gather together.

Kim Atienza is a famous personality in the country. Apart from his broadcasting stint, he is also a well-known environmentalist and TV host and presenter. One of his former shows is the hit noontime TV variety show "It's Showtime" which has been a daily habit for most households in the country.  The show has been airing for several years already and has had a lot of hosts that came and go. Kim Atienza is one of them and he was even one of the original hosts of the show.

In a post of Kim on Twitter, it was shown that he together with some of the former hosts of the show reunited with each other. He captioned the photo with an overstatement of the title of the noontime show that they have gotten used to saying during the opening spiels of the show. He goes on today that he has treated the people in the show as his family.

Together with him in the picture is Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia who is now married, and Eric Tai "Eruption" together with his non-showbiz wife. All of them were former hosts of the show who have left the show to pursue another path in their career.

The post gained a lot of feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about Kuya Kim's nostalgic post.

A lot of people reminisced the old days of the show. They remembered the days when the four hosts in Kuya Kim's post were still in the show to entertain and amuse the "madlang pipol" through the program. They are glad to see that they are still good friends with each other even after their career in the noontime show and they are hoping that they will still remain as friends for a long time.

The post that was uploaded by Kuya Kim on his personal Twitter account which was also featured in the website PhilNews made a huge buzz online as people, especially the fans of the noontime variety show felt nostalgic upon seeing the former hosts reunite with each other.

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