Alas, Joaquin Abrenica's first birthday was a star-studded one

Alas, Joaquin Abrenica's first birthday was a star-studded one.

There are many occasions that occur every year. These occasions are celebrated to commemorate a particular event or person. There are those that are being celebrated all over the globe, while there are also some that are only being celebrated inside a particular nation or a certain group of people. Among all of these occasions and holidays, one of the most celebrated and is probably the most religiously celebrated one is the birthday. It is that time of the year wherein they remember the day when a certain person was born into this Earth. It is a special day wherein all the attention is on them.

There are various ways of celebrating a birthday. Some people opt to keep it simple and low-key by just celebrating it at home with some close relatives and family members. There are also some who don't want a grand celebration, they just choose to go out of town together with their families and some very close friends and enjoy the great outdoors. There are also others who have the capability to spend, and so they splurge their money on an extravagant celebration that is well-organized by themselves, and sometimes they would even hire an event-organizer to rid them of the stress of planning everything. They invite many people including some distant relatives and acquaintances, for as long as they can accommodate them.

When it comes to birthdays, there are various ages that are more celebrated than the other years. These are called landmark birthdays which marks a specific point in the lifespan of a person. These milestones in the life of a person are worth celebrating for reaching these age points signify an achievement. In the Philippines, females celebrate the 18th birthday as a mark of their adulthood, while the males celebrate during their 21st birthday. After these, the next landmark birthday is the 30th birthday, and then it proceeds in multiples of ten. However, before all of these, the first birthday is probably the most memorable of all.

Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla are two of the most well-known celebrities in the country. They are among the top actors and actresses of the GMA TV network station. They have been going around as a couple but they shocked the world when they revealed that they are already real-life partners after bearing a child. Last year, Kylie gave birth to their first-born and named it Alas.

Recently, Alas celebrated his first birthday and it made a lot of noise all over social media. The news became viral as people saw how grandiose the celebration was.

Alas, Joaquin Abrenica has finally celebrated his first birthday. His whole family prepared for this to become a very memorable one especially because it is their son's first who also has a named that signifies the number "1" in a deck of cards. Kylie and Aljur made sure that their son's first birthday will be big as they even did a photoshoot sometime before the celebration day. The chosen them for the birthday was "jungle" and the whole venue was decorated to fit the motif of the event.

As planned, the birthday indeed became a grand one. Not only was it well-prepared but it was also attended by a lot of celebrities. Most of them are really close friends of the family in the show business industry. Some notable celebrities that were in attendance are Diana Zubiri and her daughter, Gabbi Garcia who is also Alas Joaquin's godmother, Drew and Iya together with their son Primo, and Mother Lily Monteverde of Regal Entertainment.

The birthday party earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and comments about the luxurious birthday party of Alas.

A lot of people are glad for the fun birthday celebration of Alas. They think that the first birthday of a child should really be celebrated since it is their first year of living on Earth. Many people were also surprised upon seeing how grand and star-studded the celebration was.

The news that was featured in a video that was uploaded by the account Pinoy New Channel on the popular video streaming website YouTube made a buzz online as people watched how extravagant Alas Joaquin's family is as they celebrate the child's first birthday.

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