Boyband PH Ford Valencia shares how inspired he is because of Sandara Park

Boyband PH Ford Valencia shares how inspired he is because of Sandara Park.

Celebrities are people who have become famous for their work in the show business and entertainment industry. They have attained the fame that they are enjoying because people have expressed their support for them. They are looked up to and respected by many because of a particular trait or quality that they possess. They have built a great reputation as people hold them in high regards. The public idolizes them and takes high consideration of their beliefs, opinions, and principles. They have become big factors in setting the trends and influencing the people around them especially their avid fans.

Celebrities may be famous people but they actually still have some other people that they hold with high regards and respect. Even with the stature that they have, they still have people that they idolize just as they are being idolized by their fans. These people have inspired them in some way and continuously inspires them to be the best version of themselves with regards to their career in show business. The people that they idolize has made a significant impact in their life that has shaped them into who they are at present. They have been a great factor in their journey through life.

In the show business and entertainment industry, most of the new entrants and the rising celebrities have actually pursued a career in the industry because they have been attracted to the limelight by some veteran celebrities that did an exceptional job in their career run in showbiz. They have been key figures in the making these aspiring celebrities to come up with a decision to pursue a career in showbiz. Because of their outstanding performance in showbiz and their amazing traits and qualities that deserves some praise and respect, they have made an impact in the lives of the people who want to become celebrities just like them.

For Valencia is one of the new and rising celebrities in the country today. He is one of the winners of the reality talent-search competition Boyband PH where they became a part of the 5-man male group. He boasts a note-worthy set of skills and talents, and good-looks and an enviable body figure. He, together with his group, have been trained to wow the crowd with exceptional performances.

Recently, a photo of Ford Valencia together with one of his idols is making rounds all over the internet. The photo became a trending topic as people found out one of his inspiration in his career.

In the competition Boyband PH, Ford was able to meet one of the internationally acclaimed celebrities. Sandara Park who was a part of the female Korean pop group 2NE1 which was famous across the whole world was one of the judges in the competition, and thus makes a lot of interaction with the contenders including Ford Valencia. She was also one of the people who trained and taught the contestants about how to become an excellent performer.

Ford posted on his IC account about how the Half-Pinay K-pop star has influenced and inspired him. Through his post, he expressed how grateful he is for everything that he learned and he reached in life because of her help.

The post received a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about Ford Valencia's post on his social networking account.

A lot of people were touched to see how thankful the rising celebrity is for the help and inspiration that the international star gave him. They were glad to see that an up and rising star is humble enough to recognize the reputation of a celebrity that came before him and has helped in shaping him up to become the celebrity that he is now.

The post that was uploaded by For himself in his personal Instagram account made a lot of people glad, especially the fans of the two celebrities, as it manifested the professionalism and camaraderie of celebrities in the industry.

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  1. may I correct the writer that Sandara isnt half pinay. She is pure Korean blood but pinoy at heart. thats all!!! ✌