Dingdong surprises Marian Rivera on her birthday.

Dingdong surprises Marian Rivera on her birthday.

There are many occasions and holidays that people celebrate annually. These are celebrated on a yearly basis to commemorate a particular person or an event and to signify a particular mark on the calendar. It has become a part of the traditions and customs of many people across the globe which is why everybody enjoys these particular dates. Among the many events that people celebrate each year is the birthday. It is that particular date in the past where they were born. That certain date every year is a time for them to feel special as people celebrate their coming into this world.

Birthdays are very special. During this day, the celebrant will turn a year older and commemorate that, his or her family, close relatives, and friends would altogether celebrate. The celebrant instantly becomes a star during this event as everyone would make an effort to make them feel special. It is probably just fair to do so since birthdays are usually celebrated by throwing a big party for all the guests. There are others who get a very meaningful celebration as the people related to the celebrant try their very best to surprise the person when they least expect it. This technique makes birthdays more memorable and special for people as the feeling of being surprised will definitely leave an impression on them.

Doing surprises is not an easy feat, but people do it because it is a trend nowadays, most especially for couples who are in a romantic relationship. They really treat their significant other as very special people and so they really make it a point that they will be able to make celebrations more memorable for them by giving out their best in surprising their partners. They exert every effort that they can in order to make a successful plan to catch the celebrant off-guard and shock him or her in a positive way.

Recently, Dingdong's birthday surprise for his wife circulated all over the internet. The posts about the surprise became a trending topic as people saw how much effort he exerted for Marian's birthday.

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are two of the most famous celebrities in the country. Together, the two forms the DonYan love team of the GMA TV network station that is well-loved by the Filipino viewers. The two started out as an on-screen love team for some TV series in the network station. Eventually, it seems that they developed a deeper relationship with each other because of being paired up with one another for a couple of projects. Soon enough, the two became a real-life couple after getting married and after giving birth to their first-born Letizia Dantes.

Last August 12, Marian celebrated her 34th birthday. Although she is probably already expecting it, she was still surprised by her beloved husband Dingdong Dantes. They celebrated her birthday in the place where they spent their first night as a married couple which is in the popular hotel resort and casino, Solaire. As soon as she woke up, she was greeted by her husband with a bouquet of flowers.

They then proceeded to celebrate the special day through various activities in the resort complex. They celebrated together with some of their closest family relatives who accompanied them with a belief that "the more, the merrier".

The videos of the celebration gained a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about the celebration of Marian's birthday.

A lot of people found Dingdong's antics and efforts to be very sweet. Many people, most especially the women, praised the actor for being such a gentleman and a loving husband to his wife. People also wished Marian a happy birthday and they hope that her relationship with her family will grow stronger.

The video stories that were uploaded on the popular social networking site Instagram and was featured in a video on the video streaming site YouTube that was uploaded by the account Pinoy New Channel touched the hearts of many people, especially the fans of the DongYan couple. A lot of people felt romantically excited after seeing the footage of the couple's sweetness with each other.

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