Empoy Marquez revelation about Alessandra De Rossi's relationship surprises many people on social media

Empoy Marquez revelation about Alessandra De Rossi's relationship surprises many people on social media.

In this world, there are a lot of us who had been doing a lot of things. We dream to make sure that we grow up to be who we want to be and the dream that we like to fulfill since we were kids. As a kid, we have high hopes, and we set goals for ourselves, and we want to make sure that we had been doing out best to reach every one of it. As we grow older and mature and get to know a lot of things about the things in our life, we get to realize that we cannot reach all our dreams.

Most of us when we were younger, wanted to be wed with someone who fits all the standards that we had saw on our television screens and the movies that we had watched in the past. We get to think of the princes and princesses that we had viewed in most of the fairytale that hit our minds. Many of us get to recall that the traits and the personalities of the people we got to watch in the past, and we then get a mental note that that is the man or the woman that we want to spend our life with until forever.

When people tend to mature because we get to experience a lot of things and we tend to learn a lot of stuff from the things that had happened in our life. We tend to now that all the things that we watched on our television screens are not that easy to get.

We realized that it is not that easy to find someone who will be there with you for a happily ever after just like how it is in the fairytales. We will then understand that the things that we dreamed off will not come our way if we do not work hard for it. That is why many of us make sure to do the necessary before thinking about the things that can happen.

Many people dream to be in a relationship that will make them feel complete and happy at the same time. But then there are times when we face a lot of tendencies in life, and we can feel heartbroken of the things that had happened in our life and with the person we love.

It is not easy for us to find someone who will be there us until the end, and there are times when we think that we are already with the person, but then the two of you will or might end your relationship together and call it quits for your personal and respective reasons.

Just like how it seems between the phenomenal actress, Alessandra De Rossi and her speculated boyfriend, Marc Abaya. Alessandra De Rossi had been too close to the actor Marc which many people even her co-artist knew about their story. And some news is spreading that the two of them already called it quits.

Based on a video on YouTube, the most promising leading man of this generation, Empoy Marquez revealed the real score between Alessandra and Mark, and he even spilled the beans of truth between the two of them. Empoy and Alessandra had been good friends ever since they worked together on some projects.

In the interview, he revealed that Alessandra is currently single and he said that Marc and the actress cut off their relationship a long time ago. The two of them called it quits, and the actress is happily single, and Empoy and Alessandra are having the tie of their lives as friends.

Many people had been talking about this all over social media, and it seems like they cannot stop themselves from sharing their thoughts and sentiments on YouTube.

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