Jake Cuenca's revelation about Erich in his post attracted the attention of netizens.

Jake Cuenca's revelation about Erich in his post attracted the attention of netizens.

Every person lives their own lives that are distinct from everybody else. They have their own set of circumstances and situation that they will have to live with. As such, they also have their own fair share of challenges that they have to hurdle and goals that they have to work hard for to achieve. It isn't an easy feat to be able to overcome all of these and so they also have tried to draw some inspiration from the various people who have gone through and achieved the same things that are going on in their lives.

Celebrities are the people in the show business and entertainment industry who works to entertain and amuse the people. They have a reputation as popular people who are significantly known by a number of people. These people are looked up to and respected by many because of their showbiz career. They are greatly admired by the people, most especially their loyal fans who avidly support every endeavor that they have. They are praised for their amazing talent in performing and their good looks and charm that can undoubtedly captivate any person who lays witness to it. They are treated by many people as an inspiration in the various aspects of their life.

Although celebrities bask in the attention of the people who treat them as their inspiration, they too have people who inspired them to become who they are right now. They have people who have made a significant impact in their life and has indirectly shaped and formed them into their best form that managed to achieve great things. They too were once people who looked up to and paid so much respect to an iconic personality which pushed them to realize the things that they only thought of about themselves. Sometimes, even though they are already famous, they are still inspired by people who work alongside them in the industry.

One of the popular TV series in Philippine television currently is the ABS-CBN afternoon series which is top-billed by Erich Gonzales. It is quite famous because it is the first ever show with a story wherein an actress has to portray the three distinct roles of a triplet who look alike but have very unique personalities. The series is starred by some of the most famous actors and actresses in the country including one of the most sought-after matinee idols of this generation, Jake Cuenca.

Recently, a post by Jake Cuenca on his personal social networking account circulated all over the internet. His post became a trending topic as people were quite surprised with his revelation.

As the series that stars Jake and Erich is nearing its end, the actors and actresses in the show have been non-stop in posting about it in an attempt to attract viewers to stay tuned to the show until it comes to its conclusion.

Being one of the actors in the series, Jake Cuenca took to his Instagram account to post about the show. In his post, he showed a photo of him and Erich while they were shooting for a particular scene. According to his caption for the post, the scene demands him to get angry at Erich. However, he revealed that he finds it hard to do so because he actually has a crush on the actress.

The post earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their expression and opinions about Jake's trending post.

A lot of people were shocked upon reading the caption of Jake's post. They never expected that the actor actually admires Erich whom he has already worked with in some shows and projects. Many people think that the two actually looks good together and they think they have a potential to become a love team couple.

The photo that was posted by Jake on his personal Instagram account and that was featured by the website Fashion Pulis made a buzz online as people thought that Jake made a great revelation even if he only expressed her admiration for her co-celebrity.

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