Sarah Lahbati speaks up about taking on the role of Valentina in the upcoming "Darna" movie.

Sarah Lahbati speaks up about taking on the role of Valentina in the upcoming "Darna" movie.

At this present age, the people have already understood their need to be amused and entertained. In the world today, various systems have been created to put order into things. As such, the people have already learned to adapt to this kind of lifestyle and environment. They have learned to work in order to afford their needs and wants. They have found a lot of things to keep them busy and that would exhaust their whole being. Because of all these, they also undergo all sorts of stress and tiredness which makes them yearn for amusement and entertainment during their leisure time.

The show business and entertainment industry work for the sole purpose of providing the people with amusement and entertainment through various programs that they can stay tuned in on their leisure time. They have utilized the advancements in technology in order to reach a wide number of audience. They made use of the various forms of media, especially the mainstream and social media, to be able to amuse and entertain their patrons. They have employed the service of entertainers, artists, and performers who show off their talents and capabilities to catch the interest of the people especially those who badly need to get a break from their usual routine and their stressful and tiresome situations in life.

Actors and actresses play a vital role in the projects that are created by the showbiz and entertainment industry. They portray certain characters in the various TV and film projects that they do which amuses their viewers. They do their best in order to excellently execute the role that they are asked to do so that they may be able to provide the audience with a top quality performance that is sure to be enjoyable. They have already developed a great passion for their craft that has allowed them to continuously seek for progress.

Recently, an interview with Sarah Lahbati has been circulating all over the internet. The video became a trending topic as people wanted to find out her thoughts on playing the role of Valentina.

Darna is a fictional female superhero in the Philippines. She was made by the renowned comic artist Mars Ravelos and she was patterned after the famous superhero Wonder Woman which is a part of the Justice League, a group of well-known superheroes in the DC Comics Universe. Darna was first made as a character in the comics which later got some TV and film adaptations in the country's showbiz scene. Many female celebrities all throughout the history of Philippine showbiz have already portrayed the role and it has been a great privilege for all of them to be able to play the role of the iconic character.

Earlier this year, there was news that the famous local superhero will be getting another adaptation in the form of a movie. According to the news, the movie will be directed by the renowned director Erik Matti and the next female celebrity to play the iconic role is none other than Liza Soberano. With the surfacing of the news, many people can't help but wonder about who will be playing the other characters in the story, most especially the arch-rival of the superhero, the villain Valentina.

Sarah Lahbati was interviewed about portraying the role of the snake-haired villain. She admitted that she would love to do the character and to get to work with Liza. However, she revealed that she is not aware of the progress of the film just like many people in the industry. She even jokingly reached out to director Erik Matti through the interview that she wants to play the role of Valentina, although she did say that if it won't be granted unto her, then maybe there will still be another opportunity in the future.

The video of the interview caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about Sarah's statements in the interview.

A lot of people were thrilled at the fact that Sarah can potentially play the role of Valentina. They think that she is very much fit to do the role and they know that is more than capable of pulling it off.

The video of the interview that was uploaded by the channel StarsPhotog Vidz on the popular video streaming platform YouTube made a huge buzz online as it was about the upcoming Darna movie that is being looked forward by many people.

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