Sharon Cuneta expresses her support for Kris Aquino

Sharon Cuneta expresses her support for Kris Aquino.

Celebrities are people who have achieved fame through their career in the show business industry. They are people who stood out in some traits and qualities that they have that was able to catch the attention of the public. Most of them have an outstanding talent that has wowed and mesmerized the viewers. Others bank on their good looks and irresistible charm that is sure to captivate any person who catches their gaze. There are also some who flaunts a body figure that is so well-toned that it has become the "body goals" of many other people who aspire to have a nice looking body.

Celebrities rely on the feedback of the audience towards them to have a flourishing career. Their stature depends on the support of the people to whom they have to appeal to. They can only get to keep their fame and popularity if they manage to win the hearts of the people who would eventually become their fans that would support their every endeavor. The mix of people are diverse because of their differences and as such, they also have varying preferences and taste when it comes to the celebrities that they choose to idolize and support. This is why celebrities get a fair share of supporters and people who hate them.

Kris Aquino is one of the most iconic personalities in the country. She is one of the most famous people that is known by almost every citizen in the Philippines. She was even dubbed as "Queen of All Media" for having a dominating presence in both mainstream and social media and she also got the moniker "Queen of Talk" for having a stellar career in TV hosting and presenting especially in talk show format of programs. With her great popularity also comes a big number of people who don't seem to be pleased about her musings and her feats.

Recently, a post of Sharon Cuneta on her personal social networking account made rounds all over the internet. The post became a trending topic as she called out for people to support her good friend Kris.

Sharon Cuneta is also one of the most popular celebrities in the country. She is a well-respected figure in the show business industry who has had a long span of a career. She has even earned the title "Mega Star" because of her outstanding performance in the industry.

Lately, the "Queen of All Media" has been attracting so much attention for several projects that she has done. She starred in a movie with the sensational JoshLia love team and she also made an appearance in an international movie and has also been invited to a Hollywood event in relation to the film.

This sudden popularity has been continuously getting a lot of comments and opinions from people who aren't her fans and most of them are negative. As such, her good friend Sharon voiced out her thoughts about supporting the famous actress instead of pouring out so much negativity to the things that she is doing.

The post earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People gave their reactions and opinions about Sharon Cuneta's viral post.

A lot of people, both fans and non-fans alike, agreed with Sharon's statements. They think that people should really stop hating on the phenomenal celebrity and instead, they should celebrate her efforts as she represents the country.

The post that was uploaded by "Mega Star" Sharon Cuneta herself on her personal Instagram account that was also featured in a video that was uploaded by the channel Mr. Tsismoso on the popular video streaming site YouTube made a huge buzz online as people realized that they should be supportive of the famous actress.

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