Heart Evangelista gets featured in Harper's Bazaar's "Real Crazy Rich Asians"

Heart Evangelista gets featured in Harper's Bazaar's "Real Crazy Rich Asians".

Every person is unique from everyone else. They have various qualities and traits that make them distinct from others. Apart from this, they also have many aspects of their lives which has its own circumstances and situations that also makes them different from one another. Because of all these factors, they develop a certain perspective and mindset towards life that sets the things that they want to achieve sooner or later. They create goals and aspirations that they hope to gain some day. They make sure that they discern well every decision and action that they would do so that it can be aligned with their long-term plans for their life.

Many people regard being rich as one of the greatest achievements of a lifetime. Nowadays, humans have learned to be more practical, and so, they think of ways to be able to live a convenient and comfortable. Almost everyone wants to have a life where they do not need to think about the trivial things, instead, they just have to live a life that allows them to do everything that they want, freely, and to have anything that they want. This is one of their considerations when setting their goals and aspirations. They make sure that it will give them satisfaction and contentment. Aside from them, they also consider the best interest of the people around them that they value so much.

Kevin Kwan is one of the renowned writers in the field of literature. He is the author behind the novel "Crazy Rich Asians" which recently got its movie adaptation. The story revolved around the story of five Asian people and the grandiose wedding between Singapore's most eligible bachelor and a fashion icon. According to Kwan, his purpose for writing the novel is to introduce a contemporary Asia to the North American audience. The movie adaptation of the novel is making headlines these past few weeks as various events happened prior to the release of the film to cinemas all across the globe.

The internationally acclaimed author also did a special feature called "Crazy Rich Couture" which features some real-life crazy rich Asians. It was for Harper's Bazaar which is a popular fashion magazine in the United States and is considered to be a great fashion and style resource, especially for women.

Recently, a post of Heart Evangelista is making rounds all over the internet. The post became a trending topic as people saw how she got featured in the special feature that was done by Kevin Kwan.

Heart Evangelista is one of the most popular people in the country. She is a great actress who is respected and looked up to by many because of her stellar career in the show business industry. She is famous for being a great actress and for her dazzling beauty and amazing body figure.

Heart Evangelista made a long post on her IG account. In the post, she shared how happy she was to have a very memorable project together with Kevin Kwan who is now her dear friend after the latter invited her to be a part of his special feature for the famous Bazaar fashion magazine is the US. She got to work with a group of women who are like the real crazy rich Asians including her.

The post earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about her post.

A lot of people were happy for Heart for the once in a lifetime opportunity that she received as she got to work with the renowned novelist for a famous magazine in the US. Many people agreed that she was indeed a real-life crazy rich Asian and she deserves to be a part of the project.

Heart's post on Instagram and the video of the special feature courtesy of Harper's BAZAAR's YouTube account that was featured in a post by the website Fashion Pulis made a huge buzz online as people saw who the real crazy rich Asians were. People were captivated by the beauty and elegance of the women that were in the special feature including Heart Evangelista.

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