Jackie Forster posts a heartwarming message to sons Kobe and Andre

Jackie Forster posts a heartwarming message to sons Kobe and Andre.

The family is one of the many aspects of an individual's life. It is the part of their life that ties them to the people who are biologically related to them. The family is considered to be the most basic unit of a community. These people are the first few people that would accompany a person in their journey through life. They are also the first people to whom a person can interact in order to learn the ways of the world and how to read through it. These people are considered to be a very precious gift to an individual as one has a deeply rooted connection to them.

Although the family is a very important aspect of a person's life, it doesn't mean that it is something that has achieved perfection. Just like everything else in this world, the family too has its fair share of imperfections. The family goes through all sorts of oppression and challenges. There are times that these hardships and struggles are targeted to the whole family as a whole and they have to overcome it altogether. There are also instances when various challenges attack only a particular member and the whole family must help that member to face that problem. There are also cases that the challenge is with the relationship of the members to each other that threatens the bond of the family.

Such is the case of the Paras family. Jackie Forster and Benjie Paras were both famous celebrities in the past. They both have had a great run in their showbiz career years ago. The two became a thing and eventually became a real-life couple. The two got married and gave birth to two of today's well-known personalities. The one named Kobe is more famous in the field of sports as he has attracted a lot of attention for his international basketball career, while Andre is a famous local celebrity and commercial model.

After many years of being together, Jackie Forster and Benjie underwent a series of issues and problems that caused them to be separated. Their situation as a family turned into a broken one with Benjie taking custody of their two sons. It seems that they weren't able to find a way to get through their issues together and realized that they cannot live with their differences. Both sides of the family have now gone on with their respective lives. Benjie continued with his life as a celebrity and sports enthusiast in the country, while Jackie found a new love on a foreign land and has begun to build a new family.

Earlier this year, news about Jackie bridging her gap with her two sons to Benjie started to surface as the former actress really pushed herself to exert an effort to reach out to the two. She visited the country together with her new family to be able to spend time with Kobe and Andre.

Recently, a post of Jackie just before leaving the country to go home surfaced online. The post became a trending topic as people read the touching message of the mother to her sons.

In Jackie's Instagram post, she expressed her love and care for her sons through the heartwarming caption to some photos of their moments here in the Philippines. She also expressed how happy she is for being able to spend time with the two boys and being able to bridge the gap with the two who have been quite distant to her after all the drama that happened to their family.

The post gained some feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions over the post of Jackie on her social networking account.

A lot of people were touched after having read the post of Jackie. They really felt how much she loves and cares for her two sons. Others felt her struggle of leaving the two to go home to her new life.

The IG post of Jackie on her personal Instagram account that was featured in a video that was uploaded by the channel Trendz Today on the popular video streaming website YouTube touched the hearts of many people especially those who have followed the struggles of the Paras family.

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