Michelle Dy's latest update surprises many people on social media

Michelle Dy's latest update surprises many people on social media.

Now that we are in the mobile era, there are a lot of things that we can do unlike in the past. There are a lot of technologies that were invented to help us in our daily living. For students, they can now search for almost everything that they want instead of going to the library and stack a lot of books on the table. You can now look for the things you want to know by just searching for a keyword of what you like to know about, and you'll have an answer within seconds based on how fast your internet is.

We also now have internet and mobile data that we can use to connect to the database of many websites all over the world wide web. We can now access a lot of stuff that we want wherever we are whenever we want as long as we have a signal for our mobile date or our wifi. We also now have mobile and smartphones that we can use to communicate with the people we love wherever we are. And with the use of the internet and our smartphones, there are a lot of things that we can do that is beyond of what we can even think off.

Using our smartphones and the internet or our mobile data, we can now communicate with our family and friends abroad without spending too much from an overseas call that cost a lot for us even just for a minute of hearing their voice.

We can now see them and as we talk to them as if they are just in front of us conversing like how we used to when they were still in the country. The internet supposed to connect the people who had been away from each other for too long.

But communication is not the only thing that the internet is for it is also to give much information about things that is about life and the things that we want to know. Just like how a lot of women look for a lot of videos online to get to know more about makeups and the likes.

Nowadays, there are a lot of videos online that helps us to know more about the things that we put on our face. Some videos that teach us about the brushes that we should use in every sort of makeup, and how we can accurately apply it to our face for a better shade and look.

Just like how a lot of beauty vlogger had been doing their best to help many women to do their makeup for their everyday look, or for the times when they need to attend in some events. One of the makeup vloggers that many people know is Michelle Dy.

Michelle Dy is a local vlogger and is one of the makeup vloggers that many people know. Based on a tweet that Michelle recently posted, she is apologizing to Jeffree Star, an American vlogger and the owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics because of something that Michelle did.

There are times when there are people who are a fan of another, and they get to watch the things that their idol always do that sometimes they get to have the same concept of what their favorite artist did.

Many people had been talking about this, and they can't seem to stop themselves from thinking about this matter, and they are sharing their thoughts, and sentiments about this on the Fashion Pulis website.

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