Jericho Rosales latest interview amazes many people on social media

Jericho Rosales latest interview amazes many people on social media.

Every one of us deserves to be in a relationship that will make us feel that we are the only person in their eyes and that we are significant to their well-being. Someone who will make us know that they need us in our lives and who will make us see how they feel towards us and how lovable we are even though we see ourselves in a different light that they had seen us. Someone who will make us feel loved and who will share every moment of their life with us until we grow white hair and old together.

But before we could find the right person in our life, we tend to face a lot of other people who would make us feel the same way though they will then leave us alone in the future as they are not the ones who are meant to be with us until forever. There would be a lot of people who will be in your life for a short span of time to teach you some lessons about love, and growth that you can use in the future if you face the same situation again. The time will come when we can use all the things that we learned in the past for us to have an idea of how things would turn to be.

There would be a lot of people who will make us feel special for a short while and would help us to grow, but then they will let go of us because they are not the person for us. They will be there for us but time will come that we need to let go of them because there is someone who would be the best match for us.

Many people had clung to the fact that they had the best experience with the person and they already shared a lot of memories together that is why we do not want to let go of them. Many people said that you two are the best match not until you found someone who made you feel loved and peaceful by their side.

Just like how a lot of us saw that there are a lot of celebrities who fit each other and who looks so well together that we thought that they would end up with each other in the future. We had seen how they grow together in the industry and how charming their love way but then they feel apart from each other's hand.

It is heartbreaking for us who are a fan of the couple but then we do not have a choice but to let them go and let them grow apart as it was meant to happen and they will find someone who is the best match for each other.

The same thing happens with one of the most well-known celebrity love team and ex-lovers, Jericho Rosales and her former leading lady Kristine Hermosa. The two of them seems like they would end up in each other arms but then they fell apart and met the people who are for them.

Many people are wondering whether they can work again in the future and based on the interview that Jericho had with ABS-CBN, the actor is open to the fact of working with Kristine for a project in the future if there is a chance.

We can watch Kristine on her current project, a television series, 'Bagani' and the actor said that he was so happy to see her acting again after a long while of focusing on her kids and husband. Jericho is still waiting for the airing of his project in the same network.

A lot of people are talking about this, and they cannot stop themselves to get too excited to see the two of them work together again, and they are sharing their thoughts and sentiments all over social media about this fact on ABS-CBN news.

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