Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola latest video surprises many people on social media.

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola latest video surprises many people on social media.

Love is one of the most precious things that we could ever have. It is one of the reasons why we are here in this world. We were loved in the very first place by our parents. They were the ones who made us feel the love that we deserve and the reason for us to be who we are today. They gave us a glimpse of the love that the world has to offer. Love is one thing that every one of us can and will have in our lives, and we are worthy to experience how to be loved.

Every one of us deserves to feel love and to share the love that they have in their heart. It would never be easy for us to find the person who can make us feel the love that we deserve and someone who we would make them feel our love. It would be a long way before we get to find that someone who will fill all the void in our lives and who would make us feel that we are complete for them. Someone who would assure us that despite all the things that are happening in our life, they will stay by our side and support us no matter what.

Once we get to find that someone, many of us are ready to do our best to make them stay and make them feel that life would be better with each other. Most of us want to take it to the next level and make sure that they are the ones for each other until the end.

When we get to think about taking things to the next level, we think of the idea of getting married. It is one way to bind a couple into a vow that they will be there for each other through the thick and thin of life. It would make two people promise each other that they will stick to each other whatever happens in their life.

Gettig married is not that easy for us. There would be a lot of things that they need to take care for them to be able to make sure that everything for their marriage is polished. There are a lot of things like food, decorations, theme, and a lot more when it comes to the wedding.

It would take a lot of your's and your partner's time for you to talk about the details of the wedding. Getting into the little details can give you a headache, but it can also make you feel too excited about the things that would happen. Looking into the details of the wedding can make you feel agitated and restless.

There are many people whp want to make sure that they get to share to the world how excited they are to be preparing for their marriage and it seems like this is the same thing that the most talked-about couple, Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano is undergoing these past few days.

Based on a video that Luis Manzano posted on his Instagram stories, the actor, and his girlfriend, Jessy Mendiola is already getting into details about their upcoming wedding which is also we have heard on the conversation that the two of them are having in the clip that he uploaded.

Luis Manzano asked Jessy about what they were talking about, and the actress answered that they were talking about a color theme. The actor then questioned her about what color theme it is, and she said that it is for a wedding and then the actor asked whose union and she responded that it is theirs. It seems like the two of them are too in love with each other that it is screaming on their eyes and their smiles.

Many people had been talking about this video on Instagram, and it seems like they cannot stop themselves from sharing their thought, sentiments, and regards for the couple all over the comment section of the Fashion Pulis website.

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