Joshua Garcia shares what Star Magic has to say about his romance with Julia Barretto

Joshua Garcia shares what Star Magic has to say about his romance with Julia Barretto.

There are many vocations in life, and one of them is married life. This particular vocation gives a person a purpose that is aligned with having a lifetime partner. Although it is not easy to find the person destined for you, the joy of being able to find the right one is just as great as how hard it was to find it. Romantic relationships are very exciting. It gives a person an assurance that they are capable of loving and that they are lovable as well. This is why a lot of people are looking forward to having a romantic relationship.

Having a romantic relationship is one of the greatest experiences that a person can ever have in life. The feeling of having a person with whom you can share your whole life is truly great. Having a person who would accept you for who you are and with whom you can comfortably be yourself with is one of the best things that can ever happen in a person's life. Many people, especially the young ones, are excited to get involved romantically with a person that they love because of these reasons. They want to be able to do things that only couples can do which have been fed to them by the various forms of video.

Romantic couples have the privilege of being intimate and sweet with each other. This kind of chemistry that exists between romantic partners is much greater and deeper than that of friends. Many people get excited when they get to witness the romance between couples. Just like how it is usually portrayed in the various forms of media, couples get to exhibit their affection for each other without being concerned about what other people say. Their exclusivity with each other allows them to be sweet and intimate with each other without any problems.

The JoshLia love team is one of the most sensational love teams in Philippine showbiz at present. The tandem is formed by two of the most famous young celebrities of the generation, Joshua Garcia, and Julia Barretto. The two used to be only on-screen couples, but eventually, they become real-life couples. They have worked together on various TV and film projects which gave them a lot of publicity and popularity.

Recently, an interview with Joshua Garcia is circulating all over the internet. The news became a trending topic as people were surprised with what their talent agency has to say about their partnership.

Joshua and Julia have become a famous love team couple in the country and being real-life lovers, the two has exhibited a great chemistry with each other. The two have openly and publicly shown their love for each other. As such, it has caught a lot of attention from their fans and from their co-celebrities and their talent agency as well.

According to them, Joshua is more clingy and sweet to his partner than Julia. His actions sometimes come off as a public display of affection that is, of course, noticeable by many people. They shared that they have been told several times to tone down their sweetness to each other by some older celebrities and their talent agency, Star Magic. Julia shared that she would also remind Joshua about it especially when they have senior celebrities around them.

The news caught some feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about this particular news involving the romantic couple.

A lot of people were quite surprised to find out that the sensational love team is being monitored by their co-celebrities and by Star Magic itself. They think that their chemistry is really great but they also think that they should tone down their public display of affection for each other since they are still young and they have to set an example to other young people.

The news about the interview of Joshua and Julia that was featured in a video that was posted by the channel Chika Blockbuster on the popular video streaming platform YouTube made a buzz online as it called the attention of many people, especially the fans of the love team.

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