An interview with Julia gains the attention of netizens.

An interview with Julia gains the attention of netizens.

Everyone is different from everyone else. Each person was made differently from others. Their traits and qualities set them apart from one another and make them a distinct identity. Apart from that factor, they still have many aspects in their lives that each has their own circumstances and situations as well. All of these factors make a person unique. It is almost impossible to have two people with the same exact traits and qualities and the same exact circumstances in life. As such, people also have different goals and aspirations in life. They also have different things that they want to achieve that is affected by the many factors that distinguish them from the rest.

Becoming a showbiz celebrity is one of the most sought-after careers in the world nowadays. During these times, many people choose to be practical and so many people want to take the easy way to live a good life. Many people aspire to become celebrities because they have been blinded by the great lifestyle that celebrities have that they always see. They think that being a celebrity is one of the fastest ways of attaining everything that they want in life. Some are really passionate about it, while some are just interested because of the amazing benefits that it can bring to their lives.

Celebrities are respected and looked up to by many people because of many things. Sometimes, it's because of their great talent that was able to wow their fans. In other cases, it is because of their good looks and amazing body figure that has captivated their audience. Another instance is because of their achievements in life and in their career. Although celebrities might seem that they already have it all, they actually still have plenty of goals and aspirations that they have set for themselves. It may seem that they are already content with their life, but the truth is, as they continue on living, their goals and targets never stop as well.

Recently, an interview with Julia Barretto is circulating all over the internet. The video of the interview became a trending topic as people saw how emotional Julia was.

Julia Barretto is one of the most famous young female celebrities in the country. She is the other half of the sensational couple tandem of the JoshLia love team together with her beau Joshua Garcia. She is a part of the well-known Barretto clan who has had a lot of members in the show business industry. She has top-billed many TV and film projects that were able to sweep the charts. She is admired by many because of her amazing talent in acting, and also, because of her dazzling looks and irresistible charm. Her incredible chemistry with Joshua Garcia has also boosted her career to greater heights.

The young female actress will be top-billing a new TV series together with Joshua Garcia that will replace the show "Bagani" in its evening time slot. The series is titled "Ngayon at Kailanman" and it will also be starring many famous celebrities. As such, she was given an opportunity to be a guest in the evening showbiz talk show of Boy Abunda titled "Tonight With Boy Abunda" wherein she can also get to promote the new show.

In the interview, she was asked by the "King of Talk" himself about how she feels about doing so well in her career at present. As soon as she was about to answer the question, tears started flowing from her eyes. She began to reminisce about the things that happened in her past wherein she faced a lot of troubles. She then said that she is overwhelmingly happy with where she is right now and she still can't believe that these things are happening right in front of her eyes.

The interview caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about Julia's emotional response to the question.

A lot of people were touched by Julia's statement after being asked in the interview. Many people admire her for being so hard working in her career and for not giving up even after going through so many difficulties. People are hoping that her career with continues to flourish.

The video of the interview that was uploaded by the channel ABS-CBN Entertainment on the popular video streaming website YouTube touched the hearts of many people, especially the fans of Julia. Many people saw the young female actress in a new perspective after watching the video.

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