A woman who looks like the fusion of Kathryn Bernardo and Kyline Alcantara mesmerizes netizens online

A woman who looks like the fusion of Kathryn Bernardo and Kyline Alcantara mesmerizes netizens online.

Popularity and fame is something that many people want to achieve. Every person has a longing to show their love and to be loved as well. They believe that receiving attention is one of the many ways for them to feel that they are not alone and that they are loved. People desire attention because they think that receiving it is a more concrete proof of the people's love and concern for them. This has been proven by the many famous people who have gone through fame and back as their fans openly show their support and love for them, especially in their career.

Fame and popularity is not an easy thing to attain. Nowadays, there are various things that have been set by the world that must be achieved by an individual in order to become famous. Most of the times, being able to go with the flow of the trends allows one to attract so much attention. There are also those who showcase their amazing talents so that people would be dazzled by their spectacular execution of a particular talent. There are also some who just stands out among the crowd through a captivating trait or quality that they have that the people would idolize and be envious of.

There are various ways and means to achieve fame and popularity. There are those who choose to pursue a career in the show business and entertainment. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest paths to fame as the nature of a career in that industry heavily relies on popularity. Others try to gain some attention by utilizing the social media wherein most people spend a bulk of their time on. Others just try to excel in their chosen career until they reach the point where they gain the respect and recognition of the people around them.

Pinda Rika Dorji is one of the most popular people on social media. She may not be mainstream yet but a lot of people in the gaming industry knows her. More popularly known as Pinda Panda, she is a famous gaming host and personality who lives and breathes eSports. She started out with doing vines and making people laugh at social media that eventually lead many people to follow her on social media and become her avid fans. The 22-year-old personality hails from the land of Bhutan which is a small Himalayan country situated between India and China. She graduated from Infrastructure University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she resides as of present moment.

Recently, a video of Pinda is making rounds all over the internet. The video became viral as the Filipino people noticed that she resembles some local celebrities.

In a video that Pinda uploaded online, she did the trending "In My Feelings" dance challenge. Her version was rather different as it didn't involve as moving vehicle, but instead, she danced after stepping out of the elevator. She showed her amazing dance moves that really had the eyes of her viewers and fans glued to the screens.

The Filipino audience noticed something about Pinda when she did the dance challenge. With how she looked like and dressed up in that particular video, people thought that she looked like Kathryn Bernardo who is one of the most popular young actresses in the country fused together with Kyline Alcantara who is one of the fastest rising stars in showbiz.

The video caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and feedback to the viral video of the social media personality.

A lot of people were stunned upon seeing Pinda. Many people, especially the males, were dazzled by her gorgeous looks and her slim body figure. Others took notice of her talent in dancing that was exhibited in the video. Many Filipinos agreed that she does look like the fusion of Kathryn and Kyline which is truly an amazing combination.

The video that was uploaded by Pinda herself on her personal Facebook page made a buzz on the internet as people flocked over to her page to witness her outstanding appearance and irresistible charm.

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