Kim Chiu, Nagulat Matapos Paalisin Ng Isang Fan Sa Upuan Sa Premier Night Ng Miss Granny, Marami Ang Nagulat Sa Nakita

Kim Chiu's latest video surprises many people on social media.

All of us want to show the people we love how we feel towards them. We would do anything and everything that we can for us to be able to let them see the feelings we have for them because that is how significant they are in our life. We can do anything to our extent for us to make sure that they get to know how we feel towards them with our little ways of showing them our love, how we adore them and how we want to take care of them and make them part of our lives forever.

There are a billion of ways for us to be able to show the people we love how we feel towards them. The mere fact of asking them how they are doing makes them understand that they are significant to you. By greeting them a 'Good morning,' 'Good Afternoon,' 'Good evening,' and 'Goodnight' send them a signal that you are thinking of them most of the time that you wanted to greet them as long as you can. Complementing them is also one easy way for you to show that the person has a specific spot in your heart and your life. But this is only the simple and the easiest way for us to show how we feel towards them.

Many of us want to make sure and to step up their game by making the people they love to know how they feel. To make them believe that they have a significant spot in our heart and our life. We want to make sure that we caught their love and attention through our efforts that we do for them.

There are a lot of us who would buy flowers, foods, and other stuff for them to give to their loved ones and this is one way for us to be able to show our affection towards other people. There is five love language that many of us know about, first, words of affirmation, it is the words you say to other people to affirm them.

Second, quality time, this is the undivided attention that you give them whenever you are together or even apart, as long as you put them into your schedule and make time for them. Third, receiving gifts, giving and sharing the things that you have or you want them to have. Fourth, acts of service, serving them and doing things for them.

Last but not the least, physical touch, you show them how you love by holding them, hugging them and the likes. The five above are the least of the things that can help you make the person you love knows that they are dear to you them in your way and this are just some of the ideas that you can use.

Just like how the phenomenal star, Kim Chiu did her best to show the people who are dear to her heart know that they are significant in her life. Kim Chiu is one of the most well-known leading ladies of this generation, and she had made a lot of people fall in love with her with her charm and her good looks.

Based on a video on YouTube, the actress recently showed her support to one of the people who are dear to her heart, the phenomenal star, and her leading man, Xian Lim in the latest premiere night of his movie, 'Miss Granny.' But something unexpected happened in the cinema.

You can see in the video that the actress is already seated on the cinema house just above her leading man as she was chatting with the people beside her. Later on, there is a person who approached her and talked to her, their conversation is not that clear in the video, but it seems like it is about the seat that we can see later on the video that the actress is not in the place designated to her.

You will not be able to see Kim at the seat where we saw her in the video after the premiere. Many people are concluding that the woman who approached her asked her to leave her place, or she left the cinema house early, but it seems like the first thing happened based on the video. A lot of people had been discussing this, and it seems like they can't stop themselves from sharing their thoughts and sentiments all over social media about the video on YouTube.

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Credits: YouTube

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