Kylie and Aljur celebrate their son's first birthday

Kylie and Aljur celebrate their son's first birthday.

There are many occasions and holidays that are being celebrated every year. These occasions take place to commemorate a particular happening in the past, to remember the legacy of a particular person, or to celebrate a certain season. The holidays have already occupied a particular date in the calendar. These occasions have become a part of the lives of the people. They have already gotten used to celebrating these as they happen annually.  Although there are some holidays that are only for a specified group of people, many other people have already learned to join them in their observance of these events.

Out of all the occasions that people celebrate, the birthday is probably one of the most important of all. It is the celebration of the life of a certain person. It is a day to remember a person's coming into the world. The birthday of a person is a special day where he or she becomes the star. The friends and family of that person would make the person feel how important and special his or her existence is. They make an effort to make the person feel that he has a purpose for being on Earth and for being in their lives.

There are various ways to celebrate a birthday. The most usual is preparing a feast and inviting over some family and friends. This has been a standing tradition for many people as they believe that celebrations are always best when there are food and drinks. There are also some who prefer to keep it low by just having a simple meal together with the whole family and some very close friends. Others even just choose to go out with their family and eat out. There are some, especially those who are capable, who celebrate their birthday by giving back to others, especially to the less fortunate.

Recently, a post of Kylie Padilla - Abrenica is making rounds all over the internet. The post became a trending topic as people saw how they did the second celebration of their son's birthday.

Kylie Padilla is one of the most popular celebrities in the Philippine show business industry. She is known as a great actress especially after having portrayed some iconic characters in various TV series in the GMA TV network station. She is the daughter of the famous action star Robin Padilla who is a famous actor in the country. Kylie got married to her co-celebrity Aljur Abrenica and they already have a son named Alas.

Earlier this month, Alas Abrenica celebrated his first birthday. The whole family prepared a big celebration for the kid that was attended by many people. Close family members and some friends in the industry were in attendance in the event. However, this was only the first part of the celebration.

Some days ago, the loyal and supportive fans of Kylie organized an event in celebration of Alas' first birthday. The event was done in a facility that cares for children. It was a way for the family of Kylie to be able to give back to the less fortunate people which makes the celebration of their son's birthday more meaningful.

The post caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had positive reactions and comments about the post of the famous actress.

A lot of people were touched by the post of Kylie as they saw how they chose to have a separate celebration for the less fortunate people. They think that people who are blessed in life should also learn to do those kinds of acts so that others may experience a good celebration every once in a while.

The post that Kylie posted on her personal Instagram account attracted the attention of many people. The people were touched by the heartwarming kindness that the family of Kylie together with her fans did.

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