Liza Soberano, Agaw Pansin Dahil Sa Kanyang Ginawa Sa Kanyang Baam Dance Challenge, Grabe Ginalingan Talaga

Liza Soberano dances the "Baam!" dance challenge by Momoland.

Every country has its own unique culture and tradition to share with the world. This has become a part of their nation's identity that makes them distinct from other countries. The people have learned their own culture and traditions through its passing down from the people that came before them. The people have learned to embrace their own culture and traditions even with the rapid modernization that the world is going through right now. The people have taken ownership of the culture and traditions that they have inherited from their ancestors and they have made it a part of their life.

One of the most influential cultures in the international scene is the Korean pop culture. The so-called "Hallyu" or Korean wave (English translation) which came from South Korea has penetrated the international scene as it has influenced many people across the globe. Many people have learned to embrace this foreign culture after learning about it through mainstream and social media. People have fallen in love with this culture and has adapted it into their life. A part of the Korean wave that people loves so much is the Korean pop groups that have become the idols and crushed of many people all over the world.

In South Korea, they have given so much regard to the talent of people. As such, they give the many talented citizens a chance to be known. Those with extremely exceptional talent has been continuously trained for years and are grouped together to form K-pop groups. These groups are made into idols that perform their talents excellently. There are even some K-pop groups that have become viral on social media because of their hits that are so catchy that it has become an internet craze. Many people sang and danced to these K-pop groups' songs that have been making waves internationally.

One of the most popular K-pop groups in the world today is Momoland. This is formed by 9 female idols namely Nancy, Yeon Woo, JooE, Ahin, Daisy, Hyebin, Nayun, Taeha, and Jane. They formed through a talent search competition titled "Finding Momoland" in the year 2016 which was also the year when the group had their debut performance. They became famous when their hit son "Bboom Bboom" became viral on the internet as people danced to their catchy song with their signature moves.

Just earlier this year, they released another music video that also made a big impact on social media. Their song "Baam!" was looked forward to by many and it became a huge hit just like their other famous song. They also have great choreography for the song which is why many people all over the globe have once again shown interest in it.

Recently, the famous local actress Liza Soberano did the "Baam!" dance challenge of Momoland. The video became a trending topic online as people watched her dance moves.

Liza Soberano has been compared to Nancy who is a member of the group Momoland. Many people noticed their resemblance to each other and they have always wanted to see Liza do the iconic dance of Momoland. At present, Momoland paid a visit to the Philippines and their fans are hoping that Nancy can finally meet with Liza. Although this hasn't happened yet, Liza still entertained her fans by doing the "Baam!" dance challenge which was popularized by the group.

The video attracted a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about Liza's video while dancing.

A lot of people were amused by Liza's video. They are quite entertained to see Liza dancing to the songs of Momoland from which Nancy is a member of. There were some who praised Liza because of her amazing dance moves which were on-point to the actual steps that were popularized by the K-pop group.

The video which was publicized online by the account The Pinoy Channel on the popular video streaming website YouTube made a buzz online as people saw Liza dancing just like Nancy who has been constantly compared to her.

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