Maine Mendoza expresses her support for Alden's new TV series

Maine Mendoza expresses her support for Alden's new TV series.

Many people are so hooked on topics about love and romance. They are very enthusiastic about things that are related to those two ideas. This is because everywhere around the world today, the message of love has been echoed in full swing. Various forms of media have also been using the idea of love to capture the interest of their audience. The people have been brainwashed by the constant recurrence of love in almost everything that they see and hear. It seems that this has been an effective way to lure people as the public has a very good reception of it.

The show business and entertainment industry have also joined on this trend. They incorporate the message of love in every project that they offer to their viewers. They have even formed various love teams from their pool of celebrities who seem to exhibit a good chemistry with each other. Those love teams work for the sole purpose of making the audience feel romantically excited. They try to act sweet and cozy with each other to show to everyone how intimate their love for each other is. People, most especially those from the younger generations have gotten hooked to these love team couples and even have become avid fans of some of them.

One of the most iconic love teams of the generation is the Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards love team. Alden Richards is one of the top leading men of the GMA TV network station. Maine, on the other hand, was a social media sensation who got a break into show business after being taken in by "Eat Bulaga!" which is the longest-running noontime TV variety show in the country. The two were then paired with each other after an unexpected scene where Maine had a very cute reaction when Alden was shown on the screen.

After that particular scene, the show made a storyline for the two celebrities that really got a lot of people staying tuned to the show. A lot of people patronized the romantic-comedy story of the two and their show has become a trending topic on social media almost every single day.

Currently, the two no longer appears on shows together. They both have their own projects to do that doesn't include one another. Recently, Maine expressed her support for her former love team Alden through a post that made rounds all over the internet. The post became a trending topic as people saw how much they still support each other even when they are no longer a couple.

Alden has a new TV series on the GMA network which started airing just last Monday. The show titled "Victor Magtanggol" is a show with a story based on Norse mythology. Unlike some of his recent projects, Alden won't be paired with Maine Mendoza in this project, instead, he will be partnered to Janine Gutierrez.

Through a tweet, Maine expressed her support for her former love team's new show. She invited her followers to watch the show as it is the fulfillment of Alden's dream project. She, on the other hand, is also busy for a new project as she will be staring in an upcoming movie together with Vic Sotto and Coco Martin.

The post received a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about the closeness of the former sensational love team.

A lot of people were glad to see that the to celebrities are still supporting the endeavors of each other. They are hoping that the two will have a reunion project soon and relive the chemistry of their love team.

Maine's post which was featured in a video that was uploaded on the popular video streaming website YouTube by the username Pinoy New Channel touched the hearts of many people especially the avid fans of the AlDub love team.

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