Jimuel Pacquiao's strength surprises many people on social media

Jimuel Pacquiao's strength surprises many people on social media.

As a child is growing up, they learn a lot of things because of the people who they are always with as they imitate all the things that other people do. Kids tend to follow all the examples of those people who surround them as they grow old. Most kids do the things they do because it is what they saw in the other people. They say the words that they usually hear with the people around them and that is why we must be good examples to the kids who are with us and set good examples as good people.

Kids learn because of the examples that the older people around them do. Their actions and mannerisms are caused by how they saw people around them. They get to grow up by our examples, but as they grow up, they learn to do the things their way. They begin to realize that not all the things we teach them are the things that they like. But there are things that kids inherited from their parents that we cannot change as they grow up because it is already in their mind, heart, and soul. It is something that they cannot change, and one thing that they grew up with and they'll bring it until forever.

Kids sometimes inherit the skills that their parents have. They do not need to work so hard for it because it is already in them all they need to do is enhance the skills that they got from their parents and embrace it as it is something that their parents took care of in the past or even until now.

There are a lot of us who have skills that we had inherited from our parents. Something that they are great in that we got from them. There are some who inherited the golden voice of their parents, some got the dancing skills, and there are some who got the talent of their parents in the sports that they usually do.

As a parent, we feel so blessed when our strengths are the ones that our kids inherited. Sometimes we feel in awe when we see how good they are in the things that we are good at we sometimes think that they are even better than us.

Just like how one of the most well-known and professional boxers and the People's Champ, Manny Pacquiao had been in awe when he saw the skills that his son had inherited from him. We all know that Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest boxers of this generation. He won over a lot of heavyweight champions, and many people are looking up to him in this aspect.

Every one of us even though we has a busy schedule, we want to have a bonding with our family. We want to catch up with them, and one thing to catch up with them is to go out and do the things that we enjoy to do. And this is how the People's champ enjoyed a day of his life with his family.

Based on a video on YouTube, the people's champ had one of the most enjoyable days of his life with his kids and his wife. We can notice in the clip that he is playing basketball with his wife and son. But the highlight of the video is his son Jimuel Pacquiao.

In a part of the video, we can see that the senator is standing beside his son Jimuel as he tries to play with a punching machine and he was in awe when he saw that his son inherited his skills in boxing as we can see in the machine.

Many people had been talking about the video, and they cannot seem to stop themselves from sharing their thoughts and sentiments all over social media about the video on YouTube.

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