Mccoy De Leon's revelation about his relationship with Elisse Joson surprised netizens.

Mccoy De Leon's revelation about his relationship with Elisse Joson surprised netizens.

Romantic relationships are very exciting. Being in a romantic relationship is one of the things that one would experience when they decide that they are for married life. As humans, everyone has a desire to love and be loved, and most of the times, people think that being in a romantic relationship is the only way to achieve this.  This is why a lot of people are looking forward to finding their significant other. They are eager to experience the things that only couples can do that they can be constantly seen in the various forms of media.

Being in a romantic relationship is truly a great experience. One would be able to have someone to whom they can share their whole life with, all the ups and downs of it. They will have someone with whom they can be completely vulnerable to and to whom they can comfortably be themselves with. They will have a person who would stick with them through thick and thin. Someone that feels like home and to whom you can always return to when the world just seems to have turned against you. Someone who would accept and embrace you with all of your unique quirks.

Although being in a romantic relationship would often times give you a good feeling, it doesn't mean that these are perfect. Just like everything else that exists, romantic relationships are also imperfect. A couple can go through various problems and issues that can really test the strength of their bond with each other. There may be external challenges that may try to weather down the relationship, and there will also be times that there will be internal conflicts between the couple themselves. Sometimes, these hardships can even be the reason for a couple to break away from each other.

One of the most sensational love teams in show business nowadays is the McLisse live team which is formed by two of the most well-known rising celebrities Mccoy De Leon and Elisse Joson. The two are not only an on-screen couple but they are real-life lovers as well. Because of their great chemistry, they have been tapped to work together on many projects on television. They have been very public with their relationship from the very beginning which is why a lot of people have become their fans.

Recently, Mccoy De Leon finally speaks up about his relationship with Elisse. His statement in an interview became a trending topic as the people were surprised with their current status.

Mccoy and Elisse have been a very strong love team and romantic couple. However, it seems that they too have had their fair share of struggles concerning their relationship. Lately, the two seems to have had some misunderstanding and they weren't seen with each other more often unlike before.

In an interview, he shared that he and Elisse have indeed gone through some hardships. He too admitted that it has been quite some time since they last talked and worked together. However, he clarified that he is now okay and both of them are living their own separate lives.  He even said that the both of them are finally okay with each other and the McLisse tandem will still live on.

The video of the interview attracted a lot of feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about the situation of the love team.

A lot of people, especially their fans were saddened because of the couple's case at present. They are hoping that the two can rekindle their love for each other and that they will get back with each other.

The video of the interview that was uploaded by the channel Chikkaness Ave on the popular video streaming website YouTube made a buzz online as many people showed their interest about the status of the relationship of Mccoy and Elisse.

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