A photo of Jerome Ponce with her girlfriend excites the netizens.

A photo of Jerome Ponce with her girlfriend excites the netizens.

People have a very longing within themselves to love and be loved. Although there are numerous ways to achieve this, many people believe that that particular longing is possible when they are in a romantic relationship. Being in a romantic relationship is really a great experience, most especially if the couple is bound by genuine love and affection for each other. Having a partner who would accompany in your journey through life is truly amazing. This is why many people, most especially the young people, are very eager to find their significant other and to have a romantic relationship with that person.

Being in a romantic relationship is something that really feels good. One gets to have a very deep connection with another person that would seem like they were destined to encounter each other and to become part of each other's lives. The couple would celebrate each other's lives and to brave every challenge that may come their partnership's way which makes things a lot easier to bear since they will have to share in almost everything that gets related to them. People are also excited to get to experience the things that only couples do, especially the intimate and sweet ones that they usually see on various forms of media.

Some of the most celebrated romantic relationships are those of the celebrities. Celebrities are famous people who are well-known in the show business and entertainment industry. Because of this, they have become public figures whose lives are publicly viewed by the people. As such, every news about them would surface from time to time. Even their posts on their social media account would attract some attention, especially from their avid fans. One of the many things about celebrities that the people love the most is the status of their love life. As expected, since this is related to love and romance, the people would undoubtedly fancy this particular aspect of the famous people's lives.

Recently, a photo of Jerome Ponce together with his girlfriend is circulating all over the internet. The photo became a trending topic as people saw how sweet he and his girlfriend was with each other.

One of the most well-known young male celebrities in the country is Jerome Ponce. He is a rising actor who has already appeared in some TV series and films. He has caught the interest of many people because of his notable talent in acting after having excellently portrayed various roles in the projects that he did. He is also quite popular with the ladies as he exhibits his good-looks and relatively good body figure.

His girlfriend is the volleyball star, Mika Reyes. Mika Reyes is also quite famous as she is a star player in the famous UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) league school the De La Salle University in Taft. She is also one of the most eye-catching players in the whole volleyball scene in the country because of her amazing talent in the sport and her towering height. It seems that she was able to have it all as she also possesses a great beauty and a body figure that is envied by many women, and has captivated many men.

In an IG photo that was posted by Mika, it showed how close she was to her boyfriend Jerome. The photo of the two was posted to promote a particular brand of mobile phone. The two looked good with each other as they smiled and posed for the photo opportunity while showing off their mobile devices.

The photo gained a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about the sweet photo of Jerome and Mika.

A lot of people became romantically excited after seeing the photo of the sweet couple. Many people think that they look good together and it seems that they are highly compatible with each other.

The photo that was uploaded on the popular social networking platform Instagram by Mika Reyes herself made a buzz online as people found the couple to be very cute. The fans of the romantic couple gave their all-out support as they flocked to the post to read the caption which shares a particular moment in the relationship between the two.

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