Nathalie Hart, Gumawa Ng Ingay Matapos Ang Kanyang Rebelasyon Sa Di Umano’y Nakaraan Nilang Dalawa Ni James Reid, Grabe Talaga Ang Tindi

Nathalie Hart praises James Reid's good looks.

Every person is created differently from everyone else. Everyone is made unique from others. Each one has their own distinct traits, qualities, and personality that sets them apart from other people. This has made the population of the world a diverse one. Although the differences between people have divided the world into factions, there is a positive side to it wherein people have learned to celebrate their differences. Most people are so fascinated by the fact that no two people have the exact same circumstances. This situation has provided the people with something new in every single day of their life here on Earth.

The differences between people have also granted them different preferences and tastes. The people's uniqueness, their personal circumstances, and the environment where they are immersed in have somehow affected their mindset. This has accustomed them to various preferences and tastes that can be agreeable to some while being against the ideals of others. As such, they develop an interest and attraction to different things. For one person, a certain something can be worth liking, but for others, it may be not. This has also affected their likes when it comes to admiring people. Their attraction to certain personalities also differs from other people.

Showbiz celebrities are some of the famous personalities that are well-loved and admired by the people. They became famous for their amazing talent, their good looks, and their amazing body figure that most people would idolize and envy. They may be people who are worth praising, but just like the ordinary people, they too have other people that they admire. Usually, these people are seniors in the industry or co-celebrities that has a great appeal to their senses. These people are those that have earned their interest and respect because of the traits and qualities that they have that are attractive.

Recently, the episode of "Gandang Gabi Vice" that had Nathalie Hart and Roxanne Barcelo as guests have been making rounds all over the internet. The video became a trending topic as people were surprised with how Nathalie Hart reacted to a certain actor.

Nathalie Hart is one of the rising stars of the ABS-CBN TV network station. She began her career in the GMA TV network station where she was formerly known as Princess Snell. She transferred to the rival of her home network as bigger career offers were given to her. Since transferring, she has received several film projects where she portrayed some supporting roles. One of this is the movie that will be showing soon in cinemas titled "Abay Babes" where she will be tarring with Roxanne Barcelo, Christine Reyes, Kylie Versoza, and Meg Imperial.

While preparations for the showing of the movie are underway, Nathali Hart had an opportunity to be a guest in the hit weekend late night talk show of Vice titled "Gandang Gabi Vice" together with co-actress Roxanne Barcelo. In the particular episode, there was a particular part of their interview where the two women were asked to react to some male celebrities to express their interest over them.

One of the photos that were shown to the two ladies were James Reid. Upon seeing the photo, the two already showed some signs of interest in the guy. However, Roxanne insisted that Nathalie was more interested in James. This has somehow brought up the topic of the two celebrities having a past relationship. Nathalie initially said that they didn't have any romantic involvement with each other, however, after being asked to swear, she had a neutral reaction that didn't confirm anything.

The video of the interview received a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about the way Nathalie reacted in the particular scene.

A lot of people were amused to see the reactions of the two ladies towards the photo of James Reid. They do agree with the two that James is indeed admirable. There were some who suspected Nathalie to have been romantically involved with James in the past.

The video of the interview that was uploaded by the channel ABS-CBN Entertainment on the popular video streaming platform YouTube made a buzz online as people were quite surprised with how Nathalie reacted to the photo of the young male actor.

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