Primo Arellano, Ginulat Ang Lahat Matapos Niyang Makita Ang Kanyang Kapatid Sa Unang Pagkakataon, Grabe Sobrang Tindi

Primo Arellano surprises many on social media with how he reacted to his new sibling.

There are various vocations that a person can choose from in their life. Among all of these, one of the most pursued ones is married life. Many people choose this particular vocation they believe that the longing deep within them to be loved can only be answered by having a romantic relationship. To have someone that would accompany in your journey through life and would stick with you through the ups and downs of your life is reassuring. Having a partner with whom you can share your whole life with can make one feel loved.

Romantic relationships should not be taken lightly. While others think that is is all just for fun, happiness, and experience, it is actually more of a selfless commitment of one's self and whole life to a partner.

In entering a romantic relationship, a person should have the purpose of taking it further to marriage. It should be clear to a person that they are pursuing someone with the hopes of building a very deep connection with that person that is greater than any kind of relationship that they can ever establish with any other living being that exists in this world.

Getting married is probably one of the most important occasions that couples who are genuinely in love with each other are looking forward to. To be united with a significant other that has made a great impact in their life is truly life-changing.

However, there are greater responsibilities and tasks that a couple has to do after getting married. One of these is to leave their respective families to build a new one. They do this by procreating and having children of their own. This would allow them to fulfill their role of being parents and stewards of the new life that has been entrusted to them.

Parenthood is probably the greatest things that can ever happen in the life of a couple. To portray the role of parents who are responsible for the welfare of their children is probably one of the most fulfilling responsibilities that can be given to them. As parents, they will have to exhaust their whole being in order to protect and nurture a new generation of beings that would carry their name.

Recently, some videos of the couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano introducing their newborn son to their eldest child is circulating all over the internet. The videos became a trending topic as people saw the first encounter between Primo and the new child.

Some days ago, Iya has finally given birth to her and Drew's second child. After 9 months of enduring and carrying the offspring in her womb, she finally delivered him into the world and named the little guy Leon. It seems that Primo has become an older brother already despite his young age of two.

When they left the nursing facility to go home, Primo finally got his chance to meet his new brother. At first, Primo was quite confused as to why her mother got thinner than when she was still expecting her second son. Later on, the proud mother revealed to her 2-year-old son that the child in her tummy has finally come out. Primo was thrilled to see Leon and he even waved to the new guy.

The videos that were posted by Iya Villania on her personal Instagram account via Instagram stories made a buzz online as people found it cute when Primo finally got to meet his younger brother.

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