Rica Peralejo's revelation surprises many people on social media

Rica Peralejo's revelation surprises many people on social media.

Almost every one of us dreams to have a happy life, a life that is full of joy, happiness, and love. There are a lot of things that can make someone enjoy their moment here on earth. First is our family who makes us feel love and who make us know what love is in the first place. They made us recognize how it is to be living here on earth. Our family specifically our parents let us feel how it is to be loved by the people who are dear to your heart and how things can be better at loving each other.

There are also people who are outside of the inner circle that we have who can make us and help us enjoy the things in life. We have friends, who we can talk about all sort of stuff about you. The aspects of your life that you cannot discuss with your family members as it is one of the hardest things that we can ever open up with them. Many of us who had been good friends with the people that they meet at home, at school, and the places that they had been. People who will support us when we cannot open up our problems with our family members.

We had seen how our family had been so happy with each other. We had seen how our parents love each other that we have an idea that we want to have someone who will also adore us the way our parents love each other. We like to have a love life that can help us to be the way how our parents are with us.

Many of us dream to be with someone who will make us feel that we are someone who they cannot live without in this life. Someone who will make you feel significant in their life and make you know that they will be there forever by your side and support the things you do.

After we get to find that someone who will be there with us in this lifetime, we then want to build a family with the person we are with and just like how we dreamt off in the past. We want to spend our life with the one we love and start to think of children to have in the future.

But there are times when we get to feel that the things that we want to happen do not go with the flow of life. There are moments when we think that life is so unfair to us as our plans do not fall the way we want to.

Just like how the phenomenal actress, mom, and wife, Rica Peralejo revealed to every one of us that she had been through a lot of things before she even got to bear a child on her tummy. Many of us had been missing the actress on the showbiz industry because she had been away for so long because she already focused on her family.

Based on a video on YouTube, the actress admitted that she had two failed pregnancy in the past. Rica Peralejo is one of the most well-known celebrities in the country not just because of her good looks but also because of her talent in acting.

When the actress got married to Joseph Bonifacio, she had been out of the limelight ever since as she focused on her family. She then bore a child on her womb and named it Philip Nathaniel. But in a vlog that she made that was 'Dealing with Reproductive Issues,' she admitted how she felt sad about the things that happened in the past.

A lot of people had been talking about the video, and they cannot seem to stop themselves from sharing their thoughts and sentiments about this clip on YouTube.

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