Ronnie Alonte's latest video surprises many people on social media

Ronnie Alonte's latest video surprises many people on social media.

Every celebrity here on the country has their respective fans club. Fans club is a group of people who love an artist may it be from the showbiz industry or the music industry. There are a lot of people who are into fans club because they think it is one of the ways for them to be able to support their idol. Every fans club has almost the same way for them to show how they love their stan celebrity. Every one of them has a way for them to make the artist feel that they are there for them no matter what happens.

Many people nowadays are in a fans club especially those who are a super fan of a celebrity. But a fans club is not just to support their favorite artist it is also a way for them to get to know other people who are also into the same celebrity and to have someone who will be there for them in times that they want to go. They could be buddies in watching or seeing a movie, a concert, or a show of their idol. They would have a bigger circle of friends who can be with them until forever.

It is normal for every one of us to adore some celebrities because they almost have everything that we people are looking for in a person. What more can we ask for them? They have the good looks that can make you fall in love with every time you got to see their face. 

A celebrity would not become too well-known to a lot of people if they do not have a talent that many people are looking for plus the fact that they also have the good looks that seem like they were made to be perfect and the creator had the time of his life perfecting their face and them in total. They have the good looks that they can make a lot of people fall in love with them all over again.

There are a lot of celebrities who have other things that they love to do besides the fact of making a lot of people happy with the things that they do on the television screen or in the movies. They also have their passion that they want to do in their life that many of us also like to see them do what they fancy to do.

Many celebrities love a lot of sports like car racing and basketball for most men. Almost every men like and want to watch and play basketball, and there are times that celebrities have tournaments or games where they play this sport. Just like the recent All-Star Game 2018 of Star Magic.

There are a lot of celebrities who were in the recent All-Star Game 2018 Basketball game between the Red Team that is spearheaded by Daniel Padilla and Blue Team by Gerald Anderson and they have a lot of celebrities in both teams who many people also adore to watch. They had an intense game the other day that made a lot of their fans watch the game. 

Based on a video uploaded on Instagram, there had been a part after the basketball game that made a lot of people in awe because there are things that happened in a sudden with the actor and dancer, Ronnie Alonte as he was talking with other celebrities who are also in the game. 

As the Ronnie is talking with other actors, there is a civilian who came up to him to get his ID lace that was sitting on his neck. He was in awe of what happened, and the man was able to drag him. The security was so fast to action that he was immediately brought out of the place and away from him and the other celebrities. Even the other actors quickly came to rescue and asked him if he was okay.

Many people were shocked about what happened, and a lot of them had been talking about this all over social media, and it seems like a lot of people cannot stop themselves from sharing their thoughts and sentiments about the video on the comments section of the post in Instagram.

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Credits: Instagram

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