Vice Ganda's funny scene in "It's Showtime" amuses netizens

Vice Ganda's funny scene in "It's Showtime" amuses netizens.

People have a need to be entertained and amused. The world today has greatly advanced from the more primitive and simple ways to the more advanced and systematic processes that have given an order to things. Everyone has adjusted their lifestyle to this kind of environment and their lives have been busier than ever. As such they have realized the value of unwinding and just having some fun after some time of exhausting themselves. They seek forms of amusement and entertainment during their time off from work or during their free time. They do this to have a fair share of fun times and to keep themselves sane.

The show business and entertainment industry work for the sole purpose of entertaining and amusing the people. They come up with various programs that cater to the demands of a greatly diverse audience. The industry provides many different shows and programs that catch the interest of its viewers that have varying preferences and tastes. They do their best to come up with unique and excellently made shows that will really have the people hooked into watching. They have turned in to supply the people's demand for this need of theirs into a business that also benefits them and the people working for them.

There are various forms of performances that the industry uses to entertain their viewers. There are certain TV series and shows where actors and actresses showcase their acting prowess by portraying various characters that follow a particular storyline. There are also shows that highlight the amazing talents of celebrities and various people. Dancing, singing, and all sorts of talents are exhibited on these shows to amaze the audience. Another form of entertainment that is loved by many people is comedy wherein celebrities and performers do all sorts of acts and tells various lines and statements that elicit some laughter from the people.

Vice Ganda is one of the most popular celebrities in the country. He is well-known for his talent in acting after having starred in many top-grossing films and top-rating TV shows. He is also famous for being a great comedian. This is actually his main craft and this is what he used to become famous.

Recently, a particular scene in the noontime show where Vice is a host of is circulating all over the internet. The scene became a trending topic as people laughed at how Vice handles a certain situation.

In a recent episode of ABS-CBN's weekday noontime variety show "It's Showtime" wherein Vice is a main of, they made a contest in the segment "Tawag ng Tanghalan" wherein they will choose from the set of home viewers who managed to correctly vote for the winning contestant and give those viewers some prizes. For that particular episode, a home viewer from Obando, Bulacan named Joselito Dela Cruz was chosen through an electronic raffle.

They phoned the raffle winner and Vice was one of the hosts who conversed with him. Everyone burst into laughter after the man referred to Vice as a "sir" to which Vice almost walked out of the stage as a reaction. The people have gotten used to regarding Vice as a female and so the honorifics used by the raffle winner was rather unexpected.

The particular scene caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinion about the funny scene.

A lot of people were amused with how funny Vice's reaction was. They didn't expect that the guy would call Vice as "sir" and so they were quite shocked when he did.

The video of the episode that was uploaded by the channel ABS-CBN Entertainment in the popular video streaming platform YouTube made a buzz online after people found Vice's impromptu reactions to certain situations funny.

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